Review Of The JVC Dynapix LT32DE1BJ 32 inch DVR LCD TV

Published: 20th October 2009
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The JVC LT-32DE1 is a HD ready, 81 cm wide LCD TV that you would be proud to own! It's an HD ready, 81 cm wide LCD TV with a black frame and mounted on a swivel stand. Featuring 720p / 1080i resolution and a contrast ratio of 30,000:1, you are guaranteed rich, lifelike video. Whether you like to viewing Freeview TV, play HD games, or enjoy your video collection, the JVC LT32DE1 won't disappoint.

The JVC LT-32DE1 has two Freeview tuners, so you can still watch your freeview channels whilst recoding another one. The LT-32DE1 is equipped with three HDMI inputs - two on the back and one on the side - so you can keep your cable or satellite TV box, Blu-Ray player or HD games box connected all at the same time. There are also two SCART inputs for other devices, such as the Xbox 360. In total there are over 20 different sockets installed on this model so you can set up the entertainment system of your dreams.

But probably the LT-32DE1's coolest feature is its built-in digital recording device. This HD TV can hold over 300 hours of your choice shows on its 160 GB hard drive. The remote control enables you to quickly find, record, manage and then view what you've recorded. And with two digital tuners, you can even record two different channels simultaneously.

Using the remote, simply press the Guide button to view what program listings are available in your area. Then navigate to the program you want to record by using the arrow buttons. Highlight the show you'd like to record, then press OK, and it will notify you if the program is part of a series. Choose whether you'd like to record only one show or the entire season. Then press the OK button and your program(s) will record automatically.

When you're ready to watch what you've recorded, simply click the Playlist button on your remote, and look through the list of shows you've saved. Scroll through your selections using the arrow buttons on the remote control. From here, you can press the OK button to view your selection, or press Delete to make room to record more shows.

The JVC LT-32DE1 is a highly configurable yet easy to use television. Its easy to use features and diverse configuration options make it the perfect television for any home.

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